Things You Can’t Miss in Margate

Margate is drawing thousands of Londoners to its beaches for the past 250 years. You may have seen many bathing machines near the beaches. But do you know that the beginning of the batching machine happened in Margate only? It was developed around in 1750 in Marget, Kent so that women can easily change to swimwears or beach wears from the formal dresses in the beach.

Margate is definitely one of the favourite destinations for the Londoners. Its magnificent beach, Amusement Parks, and many adventurous activities always attract tourist. The distance from London to Margate is also very less and that is why it gets the maximum tourist from London.

Things To Do in Margate

  • Fun with water: – We all love spending time on the beach, especially the children. So, if you are in Margate, then you can’t miss the glorious beaches and other water activities it offers.
    • Marget Main Beach
    • Ramsgate South Beach
    • Margate Public Pool
    • Shelly Beach
    • Uvongo Beach

Even if you have limited time, don’t miss out the Marget Main beach and the Shelly Beach.

  • Park and Museum: – Yeah, who don’t like the amusement parks. However, in Marget, you can experience a different park and definitely a thrilling one.
    • Pure Venom Park: – As the name suggests, here you can see some of the most venomous snakes available on the planet
    • Marget Art Museum: – This is an art museum which has got the main gallery and a conservation room along with an educational venue.
  • Shopping: – Who misses shopping when on vacation? The Shelly Centre is one of the most popular seaside shopping destinations on the South Coast. It has got a huge number of shops with six cinemas and all under one roof.

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