Some sinful chocolate cakes

These days a huge variety of cakes and desserts are available. One can make them even more unique by adding some kinds of frostings and toppings on them.

When it comes to cakes, there are endless flavours but still chocolate cakes remain very much popular. Though chocolate cakes sound cliché and common, it is also true that there are several versions of chocolate cakes are available these days. So, in order to send new baby cake by post one can order a delicious chocolate cake online.

Here are a few famous variations of chocolate cakes that are sinful and one must taste them.

German Chocolate

Though the name has the word ‘German’ in it, there is nothing German about this popular variation of chocolate cake. This cake has a topping of coconut and nutty frostings. The name of this cake was previously German’s Chocolate which is a brand of baking chocolate that was used to bake the cake.

Coconut filled Chocolate

This is a kind of a Bundt cake which from outside looks like a simple chocolate cake. But when one takes a bite from it, then it reveals a very creamy coconut centre and so this cake was made with keeping Easter eggs in mind.

Caramel Coffee

If you are a caffeine lover, then this cake is a must try for you. Here, a thick layer of caramel and coffee mousse is perfectly sandwiched in between a chocolate cake and this is indeed a very sinful dessert item.

Baked Alaska birthday cake

Here the cake portion is very simple and one can even buy it from a bakery. Then once the cake is bought, it is sliced and then layered with two varieties of ice creams. After that, they are covered with a slightly burnt billowy meringue. This is very delicious.

Chocolate stump cake

This cake was made after getting inspiration from a French Christmas classic named Buche de Noel. This cake looks exactly like a stump and one can use some edible flours on them as well.

S’mores cake

This is a very simple and square shaped chocolate cake and they are always covered with some homemade marshmallow toppings. One can also use some toppings like graham crackers here.

Chocolate Peanut Butter

This chocolate cake is layered and this variation is very popular among the kids. This one is also very crunchy because it has things like peanuts, almonds and rice crisps which are blended and mixed perfectly in a cake batter to give it a great texture.

Chocolate Truffle

This is a kind of a fudgy chocolate cake and it is layered with both dark and white chocolate ganache. It is rectangular shaped and also layered. Also this entire cake is then covered with a delicious chocolate frosting.

For cake delivery, one can always order from cake sites online. Varieties of chocolate cakes are available there and they always go for fresh delivery options. Or else, one can also bake an easy chocolate cake at home and surprise their loved ones.