How to Choose a Breathtaking Indian Wedding Cake

Indian weddings are known for their elegance, style, and grandeur. They are full of a vibrant array of clothes, Jewelry, dance music, and elaborate menu spread out. Nowadays having a wedding cake on one of the events adds a feather in the cap of the list of festivities. The younger generation has adopted the trend and it seems to be flourishing.

Choosing the right cake maybe fun but requires a lot of effort and personal involvement. Here we give some points to be considered while choosing a cake for an Indian marriage:

  • Choose the bakery: This would be the trickiest part as there are numerous options in the market. Downsize by checking the reviews. Limit your choice by selecting ones which have experience and specialize in making wedding cakes. The bakery should not be too remotely located from the venue and should be able to deliver the cake on time. Many banquet halls in Delhi and other marriage venues have their own bakers or are recommended by the marriage venue. It would be worthwhile considering them as they are experienced and familiar with the location.
  • Flavor: Generally each tier of the cake can be given a different flavor to have a variety. Choose flavor keeping your guest’s preference and also considering the flavors you may already have on other desserts. Select three different flavors that the majority would prefer.
  • Design: The bakers now can meet any design as per your demand. There is a wide variety of Indian design of cakes on Pinterest. You could go for design as per your common interest, like a hobby or a place. The Indian versions have an array of Royal looks to historical or can display simply ethical elegance. There is a wide choice. The bakers can customize the cake to your wedding theme and colors.
  • Taste: This is the best part of cake choosing but probably the most important and difficult. The bakers offer a wide variety. You could choose eggless flavors if the majority of the crowd would go for that but the best ones are the traditional egg variety. You could taste at your leisure and involve your partner or family members before coming to a final decision but do give serious consideration to your guest’s preference.
  • Icing: There are two basic varieties – Buttercream and fondant. If you are having the cake in the open area then carefully evaluate using Butter cream as it may melt at higher temperatures or may get smudged with a high wind blowing. Most of the banquet halls in Delhi and surrounding areas are air-conditioned, so you could safely opt for Butter cream. Fondant goes well for the decoration of flowers/petals etc but not for piping. Also, the taste is more candy type which may not be liked by all. Take the advice of the bakers and based on the design of the cake choose the icing.
  • Size: This would largely depend on the design and number of guests. The bakers will be able to give an idea about what size to order.

Order the cake of your choice a few weeks before the wedding and have it delivered at the right place and time. There might be a number of orders from the same bakers on Hindu wedding dates in 2019 to ensure that the right cake comes to you by sending a reminder a day before. Have fun cutting and sharing the cake of your dream wedding with friends and family!