Health insurance eligibility verification for medical services

In daily life of people face so many problem. Such as different type of illness, damages, loss, death etc. when a company or state taking up an agreement by which they promised to give the people compensate for the same against their plan and premium. This processes is called insurance.

About insurance

  There are two type of insurance, just like life insurance, general insurance. Life insurance is a process where a person or their family get sum of money after the death of an insured person or after a set period it is an agreement between a policy holder and an assurer. General insurance is a non-life insurance such as car or home owner policy.

Health insurance and eligibility service

It is a type of insurance which is provide the whole or part of risk of the people who are suffering from health issues. It is a type of insurance which is coverage for medical and surgical expenses provide to the people for illness or injury by the assurer. Under the affordable Care act there are ten categories of services health insurance plans. These plans provides doctor services, medicines coverage, inpatient and out-patient hospital care , pregnancy and child birth , mental health etc.

Under the affordable Care act eligibility verification is very much difficult today. Health Insurance eligibility verification is a process where a patient have to insuring the coverage, services that has been provided are covered and the insurer get the appropriate rate of payments. It cannot be taken lightly an unauthorized patient get the money and services which can be a measure loss of revenue. Insurance eligibility verification can be done via a call, website, and online software in many medical billing system. Through insurance eligibility verification so many fake medical claims are rejected and go to the right person.  To get the medical services or the claims it is important to keep up the record of patients should be up to date just like phone no, address etc.

Medical services

Those companies who has provided health insurance gave the medical services in different way. Those services are –Individual and family coverage ,Pre and post hospitalization, Ambulance coverage, Organ donor coverage, Life-long renewability, Tax benefit, Intensive care unit charges, Room rent, Annual health check-up, Alternative treatment, 60 days post hospitalization , coverage of 30 days, pre hospitalization coverage , Air ambulance coverage etc.


Every people is suffering from different health problems .if they have no health insurance they have to face many problem such as they have to pay high medical bills from their own pockets that means they have no savings . Sometimes people have not enough money for the treatment in that situation the medical health insurance is like blessings of God. Eligibility in medical services is also a major part medical services. There are different types of medical services given in India. There are many companies who are giving these emergency medical services towards the people.